Joypur forest in Bankura district of West Bengal is a restrained place

Joypur forest in Bankura district of West Bengal is a restrained place

Joypur forest is thickly forest stippled with skyscraping Sal, Palash, Kusum, Mahua, Neem and Teak trees, which does not allow the daring sunlight to touch the bottom at some places. Staying in an exceedingly dense jungle with noticed deer herds crossing the lush forest-path every now and then – if this excites you then choose Joypur forest as your next weekend destination. Bankura District, which forms a locality of the eastern Chhota Nagpur highland, has been adorned naturally with her own hands. There are old brown hills, gleaming rivers, many ancient temples and monuments which are the repositories of the culture and tradition of Bankura.

The clam forest is not only famous for visual pleasure, many tropical crippling birds will smoother your ears too. The main habitants of this wildlife sanctuary are Cheetal (spotted dear), wild fox, wolf and elephants'. An observatory inside the forest gives the panoramic view of the entire forest. The best time to reach the observatory is the dawn – the clam forest becomes noisy with every animal welcoming the sunrise to start a new day. A day long walk through the forest can be a rewarding experience but be sure to come back by 4:00 PM. If you are a jungle lover, plan a day picnic, carry packed foods – cooking is not allowed in this protected forest. Wild rats, mongoose or a snake can pass through during summer on your way. Enjoy the aroma of the forest – the aroma of Mahua can addict you – the fruits of Mahua is used to make local liquor. Since it is a wildlife sanctuary, most of the dense forest is still undiscovered, do not dare to take your own route while strolling in the forest

A resort cum farmhouse near to the forest is a destined place to stay. The resort with cottages and rooms is a wonderful place to stay. The resort farm has a seasonal vegetation along with a large lake which nurtures pond fishes. The resort has both A/C and non A/C rooms according to your budget.

Bishnupur, a heritage place of West Bengal is just 10 KM from this forest accommodation can be your day trip. The culture and heritage rich city is the believed to be the originated the Terracotta architecture. Many Terracotta Temples and its ruins can be seen in this vicinity. The Malla dynasty was founded by the king Raghunath in 694 AD in this city. The place was named Bishnupur much later in 994 AD. The name derived from the Hindu god Lord Bishnu or Vishnu. The Malla kings ruled over this place for more than 1000 years and gained the top of prosperity in 17th and 18th centuries. The rich terrokota architecture, handicrafts, potteries, music and waving was in its top form before Mughals and British restricted its glory. The famous handcrafted Baluchari Sari is still complemented by all over the world.

How to Reach Joypur:-

By Air:-The nearest Airport is Kolkata and Jamshedpur.

By Car:-- 130 Km from Kolkata. Follow Ahilyabai Holkar Rd to SH 2, Take the slip road on the right onto Belgharia Expressway and continue till Nivedita Bridge. Continue onto AH 1/NH 34. Turn left onto TN Mukerjee Rd, TN Mukerjee Rd turns slightly right and becomes Ahilyabai Holkar Rd. Cross Arambagh and drive till Joypur.

By Train:-You can take the following trains from Howrah and reach Bishnupur station. You have to hire trekker or private taxi to reach Joypur forest resort.

Train Schedule

By Bus:-Many state transport buses and private buses ply between Kolkata and Bishnupur. You may prefer to alight at Joypur forest resort gate, which is 10 KM before Bishnupur. The main gate of the resort is on the highway itself.

Where to stay: -

There bset options in Joypur is the forest resort. The 3 storied resort is located in splash green atmosphere inside forest. The walking distance of the observatory is just 5 minute from the resort. The rooms are ranging from 800-1200 per day for double occupancy. It is recommended to do a booking before you reach there. For booking please click here.

What to eat: -

Mainly Bengali food with lot of verities of fish, chicken and mutton. Firm fresh seasonal vegetables are good choices to eat. Few north and south Indian dishes are also available on demand. The guest house does not have a bar, if you are a drinker it is recommended to buy it from Bishnupur.

When to visit: -

This all-weather spot can be visited anytime during the year. Avoid the summer season.

What to see and do:-

1.Sunrise from the forest observatory
2.Jungle Safari
3.Relax and enjoy at the resort
4. Day picnic in forest
5.Visit heritage rich Bishnupur city
6.Kangsabati dam at Mukutmanipur

Nearby Attractions: -

Bishnupur, Mukutmanipur

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Picture of Joypur : -

Bankurpuria Deer park
Bishnupur Ras Manch
Bishnupur Ras Manch
Char Bangla Temple
Joypur Forest
Joypur Forest
Joypur Resort
Joypur Resort
mukutmanipur Dam
Terokota Horses Bishnupur